Rope Size Guide

What size of rope will I need?

The length of clip lead is a personal choice but usually the smaller the dog the longer the lead.  The most popular length of slip lead is 1.5m (5') in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm, and 1.2m (4') and 1.8m (6') in 12mm.

The diameter (thickness) of the rope lead:

  • 4mm dia.  A popular size for a showing slip lead for most breeds of dog.  It's a perfect unobtrusive lead for the show ring.  Our white, natural or black 4mm slip leads are ideal for this.
  • 6mm dia.  Ideal size for the smaller dog, yet strong enough for larger breeds.
  • 8mm dia.  The most popular size of rope or braid lead.  Strong enough for all breeds and a nice size to handle.  A perfect pocket size lead, whether it's a clip or slip.  These leads are used and recommended by dog trainers and behaviourist.
  • 10mm dia.  This size of lead is for the stronger dog and kind to your hands.  Our 10mm 1.5m length matt slip lead with a leather stop is a popular lead.  Our 10mm 1.2m length is popular for a clip lead.
  • 12mm dia.  For the larger dog, a good chunky strong rope lead, popular for both slip and clip leads.  Slip leads are popular in lengths 1.2m and 1.7m with or without leather stops and for clip leads, the 12mm is popular in 0.65m and 1.2m lengths.