Ball on a rope


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Our ball on a rope dog toy is an ideal training and exercise aid which will keep your dog happy and healthy.

We use a tough and durable 7cm rubber ball which has been made to last.

Our ball on a rope also has a built in bell so your dog can use sight and sound to retrieve the ball. Used and recommended by dog trainers for 'Call and Retrieve' but not designed as a dog chew.

If your dog is not interested in retrieving or doesn't understand 'fetch' you can use our ball on a rope in a 'tug of war' game and then go onto throwing the ball. By using the rope handle you can build up to quite a distance to give your dog some good exercise. It won't be long before your dog is ready and eager to retrieve even before you have sent the ball through the air. This all builds to a happy, healthy well exercised and well trained dog who comes back to a call. And most importantly it also makes the bond between you stronger.