Braided Figure of 8 Slip Lead

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Our braided figure of 8 slip leads are a combination of both lead and collar, with a additional  loop to go over the dog's nose for greater control and reduced pulling. The braid is kind to your hands, and as there is no chain collar to catch and pull out fur, it's also kind to your dog.

Braided figure of 8 slip leads could not be easier to use. Simply place the loop of the slip lead over the dog's head and you are ready to go with instant control over the dog.

These braided figure of 8 slip leads are bar-tacked (a tight line of 42 stitches) for a high quality durable finish. We do not use any metal crimps, or simply melt the rope together.

We provide a 1 year fair wear and tear guarantee.

The slip leads are available with or without stoppers and come in an array of colours.