Ultimate Guide to Dog Training Part 5 - Dogs and children

Although we often think of dogs and children together, there are certain areas that have to be taken into consideration. A puppy growing up with a child can create a wonderful bond and some memories that the child will take with them into adulthood - but what kind of dog is best to have around with very small children?

Ultimate Guide to Dog Training Part 4 -Separation anxiety

It's very easy to think of separation anxiety in a young dog as simply misbehaving, but this is not true. We have to understand that dogs are pack animals, in that they socialise and live their lives in an order that is created by the pack. Dogs are not naturally solitary animals, so being left alone is alien to them and suggests abandonment. It is actually quite amazing that we can get a pack animal like a dog to stay on its own for any length of time at all, without causing undue stress.

Ultimate Guide to Dog Training Part 3 - Socialising

Part of the pleasure of owning a dog is the long walks you can regularly take together. This can sometimes be marred, however, by any aggressive behaviour inherent in your dog. A dogfight can be quite scary and even dangerous and although most dogs tend to just bark at each other, these are situations that must be avoided.

Ultimate Guide to Dog Training Part 2 - Obedience Training

In this section we'll take a look at the five basic commands that can make a world of difference to the control you have over your dog. Not only does this make life much simpler, but it also helps the bonding process.

A dog that does not understand basic obedience commands is going to be a major problem wherever you take them. Even worse, it could be a danger to you or the public.

Ultimate Guide to Dog Training Part 1 - House Training

It is impossible to keep a dog and especially a puppy without there being some accidents and you have to be prepared for this. Dogs work best under a routine, and the quicker you establish this, the better. In many ways it is the same for puppies as it is for babies in that life is much easier when there is a specific time for everything.

How To Buy A Dog

Buying a dog is an exciting time, but it is also one of the biggest decisions you will make. With so many puppies and older dogs being consigned to a life in a rescue centre or kennels, making sure you get the right breed, size and type of dog for your family is very important. As the old adage goes: a dog is for life, not just for Christmas.

So, we’ve put together the ultimate guide which walks you through how to buy a dog, to make sure you and your four-legged friend are happy together for years to come.